Six Session Workshop Package (12% discount)



SESSION 1 – INITIAL REVIEW AND EXAMINATION:  Patients will receive an Initial Report based on their Questionnaire and previous laboratory results.  This will include nutritional deficiencies based on signs and symptoms, drug induced deficiencies, and optimal ranges of lab results.  It will also include a review of systems and pinpoint areas of possible dysfunction, dietary history analysis, toxic load exposure, and suspected gluten or food allergies. Suggestions for future sessions will be in the report.  Laboratory optimal ranges will be reviewed and how they relate to nutrients and imbalances in body function.  Brief overview of macro-nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) and micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals) will be discussed.  An examination is included and will be scheduled after SESSION 1 is completed.  Additional blood work or other labs may be recommended and are priced separately. (Maximum session size 8)

SESSION 2 – DIGESTIVE HEALTH:  This session will include a review of anatomy and physiology of digestive system, the nervous and immune system of the gut, and the gut/brain connection.  There will be information about the microbiome and Leaky Gut and its connection to autoimmune disease, allergies and bacterial infections.  Common digestive issues will be discussed such as celiac, acid reflux, IBS, diverticulitis, leaky gut, IBD, SIBO and gallstones with recommendations to resolve and restore gut health using the 6 R’s and modified to fit each patient’s specific health needs and goals.  (Maximum session size 8)

SESSION 3 – DETOXIFICATION: This session will discuss our organs and pathways of detoxification, determine if a body is ready for detoxification, and what method is best.  It will explore sources of toxins and easy ways to remove and reduce them.  The focus will be on the toxins that can actually be controlled and help support the body’s ability to detoxify effectively. (Maximum session size 8)

SESSION 4 – IMMUNE/ INFLAMMATION:  This session will explore the link between our immune system, including our innate and acquired immunity and inflammation.  The focus will be on the differences between a food allergy, sensitivity or intolerance and the relationship of food sensitivities, bacterial or parasitic infections and autoimmune diseases.  Different tests and ways to determine food allergies and sensitivities will be compared. Fatty acids and their effect on inflammation will be discussed, along with how cells produce energy and the balance between free radicals and anti-oxidants. Connections between a healthy gut and a healthy immune system will be reviewed with nutritional and dietary solutions for reducing inflammation.(Maximum session size 8)

SESSION 5 – HORMONES:  This session will review the connection between our endocrine system, nervous system, and immune system.  The effects of chronic stress will be examined and its effect on hormones.  Most focus will be on cortisol, DHEA, insulin and thyroid.  The HPA( Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal) and HPT(Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Thyroid) axis will be reviewed and the connection between thyroid and adrenal health.  Nutrients needed for maximizing the hormone receptors and hormone production will be reviewed for insulin, thyroid, cortisol, and sex hormones. (Maximum session size 8)

SESSION 6 – MENTAL WELLNESS:   This session will review what nutrients and amino acids make our neurotransmitters and support healthy function.   Several questionnaires will be used to help pinpoint areas of deficiencies. Review of the gut/brain connection and what changes in diet and lifestyle can help mental wellness.  Several easy suggestions to shut off the “Fight or Flight” response and help balance cortisol levels will be taught.  Identifying organ or system dysfunction, such as thyroid or digestion, that affect mental health and may be a contributing cause to depression, anxiety and memory loss, will be investigated. (Maximum session size 8)