Dr. Roseann Rollins graduated from Life University in 1986.  She has been practicing Chiropractic and Nutrition in East Cobb for the last 30 years.  She believes that each patient is unique and their treatment should match their individuality.  She works to match the technique and the treatment plan to the patient, taking into account their body type, temperament and health goals.

This approach to her Chiropractic practice was the perfect companion to the Functional Medicine approach to Nutrition.   In 2006 she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease of the thyroid.  Her personal search for answers led her to Functional Medicine.  In 2012 she became a Certified Gluten Practitioner and in 2014 she was certified as a Functional Medicine Practitioner from Functional Medicine University.

Dr. Roseann lives in Chamblee, Ga with her husband. They have four children, two cats and a dog.

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Kind words....

Dr. Roseann, 
I just wanted to put a finer point on how I feel/felt about the Functional Nutrition class I took from you in the first quarter 2017.

Going into this type of class and knowing I had to make some changes, but not exactly what to do in this phase of my live, I was a little concerned that I would not fully comply with what I had learned.
However, since you keep the course to small groups and allow for scheduled independent time with you I feel that I was really getting information and recommendations that were geared specifically to me.

While I learned more than I could have imagined in all of your courses, for me it was not until the final class on mental wellbeing that I felt hopeful…that there is a specific path that I can choose to mend my own health with your ongoing guidance.

This course taught me how to heal myself, (with your knowledge and guidance) unlike going to a Dr. and just treating the symptoms, which rarely seems to work for me. With Functional Nutrition, I am much more active in the process.

I would recommend to others that they do select ongoing testing as needed to uncover their specific situations. I look forward to working within my new protocol and feeling even better. 

Thank you again Dr. Roseann!

Julie P.

Kind words....

After years of frustrating, unresolved digestive issues I found Dr Spears. Using her extensive knowledge, plus other resources (including blood tests and an in-depth diagnostic database tool), it didn't take long for Roseann to zero in on my underlining issue.

Then, it was my turn to execute her suggestions. Correcting long term health challenges take time and patience, but Roseann has been with me throughout. She responds to my emails quickly with gentle advice. If you have a plaguing health problem, get Dr Spears on your team. She is kind, thoughtful and wise. Roseann is clearly there to help. Through her teachings and advice she continues to empower me to care for myself. I wish I had found her years ago.

Debbie B

Kind words....

I had been struggling over the years with severe osteoporosis.  I took actinol for over 10 years with no improvement.  Two years ago I was told my only option was a once a year injection or a daily injection.  The possible side effects were unacceptable.

Through my chiropractor I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Roseann.  She studied my medical records and test results, and I saw her a few weeks later.  With each visit she carefully guided my health plans and goals.
For the very first time the results of my bone scan showed significant improvement.
I am so very grateful for Dr. Roseann's kindness, knowledge and advice.